Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aling Nene's Pond [Feb 22, 09]

I got a couple of toys yesterday. I finally got my Abu Garcia Revo Inshore that I have been waiting for since November last year. My first impression of the Revo Inshore is that it is really smooth and light. I can flick a 6gm lure really far and without backlash. The wider handle also gives a higher cranking power. I also got a Berkley 7' MH rod for my Abu Garcia 5601SSC3. The 5601 and the Berkley rod is also nicely matched. Throwing large lures up to 3 ounces is no problem. Excellent for saltwater popping, spooning, and throwing large swimbaits.

Anyway, I was so excited with the 2 setup and decided to go to Aling Nene's pond in Coloong for some field testing. The timing was also great, Dowie, a fellow angler, texted me and told me that there was a 16.5kg Barramundi caught that morning at that pond. Obet, a fellow angler also texted me and said he'll meet me there.

I got to the pond at around 2pm. Shortly after, Obet arrived. I casted for a while in the open pond using heavy gear (Berkley and 5601SSC3) and a 4 inch Storm soft plastic. Casting was a breeze I can easily throw the lure beyond the middle of the pond. Unfortunately, after half an hour, no takers. I think the noisy splash of the big plastic lure spooked the fishes.

I joined Obet in front of Aling Nene's house. After chatting, I switched to lighter gear and casted near the shed. After 3 casts, I got a strike. Solid hookup. In the middle of the fight, remembered that I forgot to replace the lure's hooks with stronger hooks. I was using a brand new lure and it came with treble hooks that are crap. The fish bolted towards the bamboo poles across the pond. I was forced to increase the drag to stop the fish from getting there. If it reaches the bamboo poles at the other end of the pond, bye bye fish and lure. After 5 grueling minutes, I managed to muscle the fish into the open water.

I then loosened the drag so the hooks would not pull out or get straightened. The fish peeled line so many times. Its a good thing the Revo Inshore's drag is so smooth and consistent. After around 10 minutes, I started gaining line. When the fish was landed, only two points of the middle treble hook are hanging under the fish's chin. The tail hook straightened was completely loose. The split ring on the middle hook was also ready to give in. I was so lucky the fish didn't jump that much. Otherwise, I would have lost it.

The fish weighed 7.73 kilos. My biggest so far. Rod: 1pc Shimano Scimitar 6.6' 8-15lbs Medium Fast. Very nice rod and very cheap:-). Line used was around 180 yds of Sufix Synergy 12lb mono. Leader is 2 feet of Sufix Synergy 19lbs. Not bad for the Inshore's first time in the water. Hmmm, I think I said the same thing to my 4601C3. :-)

The nice lady in the picture is Aling Nene.

After some pictures, I convinced Obet to cast some more on the same spot. He did and after a few minutes, fish on. It was no match with Obet's awesome Calcutta. It struck a silver green Rattle-trap. Fish was landed and weighed. 3kilos. It was the first fish on lure for Obet. Not bad at all. :-)

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  1. hataw! mas malaki pa sa sanggol yung isdang tangan mo! masarap ba? :-)