Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lakeshore Toman

On my way to Subic for the New Year holiday, I decided to pass by Lakeshore to get re-acquainted with the resident Tomans. It was almost 8am when I got there. I started at the far end of the lake hoping the late feeders will still be there at that time. No luck. Not only was it late, but also the water was quite low at that side. At around 9am, the sun was already bright and scorching hot, I decided to walk back towards the other end of the lake so I could pay my entrance fee and get some ice cream and coke.

To my surprise, Jiggs and Ahmed and his guests were there as well. Jiggs was helping out Ahmed to catch his first Toman while Ahmed was helping his guests catch bangus. After exchanging a few laughs and stories, we went back fishing. Lucky for me, Jiggs shared his secret spot. Being a true addict, I wasted no time casting at the side of the bank. After 15 minutes, a huge explosion under my 5-inch red head popper.  Probably 3kg. It was a nice fight on a popper. Jiggs and Ahmed helped me land and photograph the fish. After a short while, we released it back to the lake.

Soon after, Jiggs went home for some errands while Ahmed and company decided to transfer to Apalit so his guests can enjoy some pangasius action.

Me, I walked towards the Lakeshore office to pay my fee. But before paying, I decided to cast some more. Just under the dock, a big momma lunged at my red head. It missed the lure by a few inches but I think it touched the hard body lure because after trying a few more times, it just didn't make any attempt after.

I changed lures and used a big Booyah spinner courtesy of Lagriffe. On the third cast, the momma took the lure and dove under the dock. It's a good thing I was using a 50lb braid and 40lb leader. Even when the line wraped around the pilings under the dock, I was able to pull the fish out. It was 4kg. The photo did not give the fish justice. It has a live bait hook sticking on its side. According to the lakeshore employees, someone foul hooked it a week ago. A salvage fisherman perhaps. The fish did the same tactic and dove under the dock and broke the fisherman's line.

At around 10, I went to McDonalds for a late breakfast and then drove off to Subic.