Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Year-end Fishing Trip [12-31-09]

On the afternoon of December 31, I decided to sneak off to my new favorite hole. I wanted to try my newly installed Scotty Rod Holder on the Kayak. I wanted to make sure that the screws on the kayak wouldn't leak and it would be easy to access the rod while paddling. And, most importantly, catch a Mangrove Jack or better yet, a wild apahap on topwater.

After launching the kayak, I didn't fish immediately. I just paused and drifted with the current and enjoyed the view and tranquility of being on a kayak on an estuarine river. It was awesome. I thought to my self, this is the way to end the year. Here is what it looks like while drift fishing on a kayak. It was totally awesome.

 It was an excellent way to end the fishing year indeed. I got 5 strikes from biggies. 3 hookups and I lost my favorite lure from a big fish.

The first hookup was from a 2kg Mangrove Jack. I was able to land this one. One thing is odd, though, the color is not the usual maroon-brown. This one is golden brown. This one was not released. It went to the new year dinner table.

The last hookup ended my fishing trip. I was casting on the edge of a fallen mangrove tree when it struck. Even when my drag was locked down, it still managed to pull some line and dove under the trunk of the tree. I was planning to dive under to retrieve the lure and the fish but the current was too strong. I tried to pull the line and when I thought I was about to gain the line, the leader snapped. Dang!

Anyway, at least I know I have one fish to look forward to next summer.