Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trying a Couple of JDM Shimano Reels

I have to admit I am a Daiwa fan ever since I can remember. I have tried reels from Abu such as C3, C4, Classic Inshore, and Revo but I always end up selling them and coming back with Daiwa. They just doesn't fare well. I then tried a few Asia and US model Shimano reels such as Technium spinning, Curado, and Citica but I just can't seem to love them in the end. This is specially true after I have tried using JDM Daiwa reels. Even other Daiwa reels that are not made in Japan have failed to impress me.

A few months ago, I got myself a Calcutta Conquest 101. This is an icon of reel for Shimano fans and have a large following from freshwater and inshore anglers all over the world. It is a very old model reel that never really lost it's appeal.
It is indeed a thing of beauty. It is intricately machined and details were well thought out. It's a machine that has a quality similar to a piece of art.

After using the reel for a few weeks, the appeal did not linger very long. I was expecting a casting performance that exceeds my Daiwa Millionaire Bay Casting Special 103. The reel is pretty no doubt but the performance was not there. It does cast far but for multi tasking duty such as light lures against the wind, it just did not deliver in my experience. In the end, I had to sell it.

I guess I am stuck with my JDM Daiwa casting reels.

Then a few weeks ago, an opportunity came to try one of Shimano's Spinning reel offerings. I had to try their highly regarded Stella. But because of the price, I had to settle with an older model. A JDM 2004 Shimano Stella. The first time I tried it, I was blown away by its smoothness. This is a 9 year old reel but the smoothness cannot be matched by those brand-new-branded models in the market. This is a magnesium-based reel but Shimano markets it as an inshore reel. I sure hope they are right. Magnesium and saltwater do not mix. Anyway, all I have to do now is test the reel in the water and perhaps catch some fish in the process.