Sunday, February 16, 2014

Testing K'S Labo and Daiwa Sol on Barramundi

This afternoon, I went to the School of Fish  fishing pond North of Manila to test a bass rodthat I recently acquired. The rod is KS Labo Lakeforce Stage 604MH. My intention was to know how sensitive the rod was -- in preparation for a future Bass  trip. The rod was perfect for my Daiwa Sol.

I arrived at the pond at around 2:30pm. I actually wished that I could fish for the whole day but that was my only available free time.

Anyway, my luck picked up on that day. 
The pond residents were very eager to play that day. After a few hours, I was able to land 3 barras.

Barra 1. Around 2kgs



Barra 2. Around 3.5 my guestimate

Barra 3. Should reach around 3kg 

All Barramundis were released with no more than minor scars and bruised egos. 

The rod and reel were perfect and I was more than happy with their performance. The rod was very sensitive. I was able to feel every bump  and taps from the pesky tilapias on my jerkbait. To be honest, I never had a more sensitive rod than this. I believe the rod will be a winner in bottom contact fishing (t-rigs) for Bass. I can't wait for my next bass trip -- on a kayak.