Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick fish in the School of Fish

I went to Irving Sih's School of Fish today. It has been months since I last fished there. And as always, the pond did not disappoint.

I got there at around 11am and fished until 4pm. I lost a few barras and a really big bidbid, my guestimate around 3kg. It was almost an arm's length. It was really close when it broke surface after it was hooked. Unfortunately, the fish threw my lure after another jump. Anyway, I got a couple of barras on a rapala husky jerk.

I heard that a few pond visitors were frustrated because of not catching any barras using lures. I think the most common mistake is not using the right lures, not practicing how to use them, and using too heavy line/leader. My personal recommendation is to use natural colors when the water is clear and using bright colors when it is stained. If the fish ate shy, downsize the lures.