Monday, February 22, 2010

Half Day Fishing (2-21-2010)

Went out for a half day kayak fishing. I was hoping to chance upon a mangrove jack or a grouper. Sadly, no biggies. Still, I managed to hook a few small ones. All fishes were released. Anyway, the exercise was worth it.  :D

A small talakitok who fell for a topwater lure.

A torsillo (Baby Barracuda) also from a topwater.

An palm-sized archer fish also took a liking on a topwater.

Also it's cousin archer fish got hooked on the topwater.

And lastly, another small talakitok foul hooked on a jerkbait.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impromptu Haruan Hunt at Mikko's Play-pond [2-17-2010]

I left the office early after lunch. I was planning to work from home  but I remembered Mikko and the other guys are planning to visit the Mikko's play pond. I got an SMS from Mikko who was on his way to the pond. The itch was unbearable so as soon as got back home, I changed and picked up a BC combo with some lures and other small accessories.

I arrived at the pond at around 3:30pm and Mikko has started casting. I geared up and casted as well. Mikko got the first blood and landed a nice sized Haruan. After a few minutes, Bong arrived.

It was my first time at the pond and also the first time I used my custom made rod --- my very first DIY rod. I can't deny it. IT was a welcome impromptu fishing trip. Short but sweet. Lots of strikes and landed fish.

Mikko's pond is a tribute to the principle of Catch and release. There were lots of Haruans and lots of missed strikes as well.

At the first photo ops, we were able to land 6 nice sized Haruans. By 5:30pm, we landed 8 total.

The rod did not disappoint as well. It landed 4 on its first day on the water.  :D

Bong in action. Showing us mortals how it is done  :clap:

The first batch of catch. 6 nice sized haruans.

After the pic, I caught another one.

And another  :D

After all of us marvelled at the catch and the fight, we did what had to be done and released every fish we caught. Mikko releasing the catch.

Until the next trip, they should be smarter and BIGGER!   :mrgreen: