Monday, June 15, 2009

Subic (June 14, 2009)

We went to Subic for a full day of fishing. Unlike other times when I fish Subic, I joined four fellow angler on a fully equipped fishing boat. We shared the boat rent, gas, and oil, the toll fees and other land trip costs. It was kind of pricey all in all but I really wanted to try fishing from really nice boat.

I had second thoughts in joining the trip. The charter was being criticized because there were claims that it was fishing inside a marine sanctuary and not practicing C & R. I made a few calls and checked if the area was indeed a sanctuary. Luckily, I got confirmation that the marine sanctuary was not the area that the charter fished. With that out of the way, I decided to go.

When we arrived in the wharf, we were disappointed because the rain that we were really hoping for did not materialize. Instead, it was really hot and sunny. Not very ideal for our target fish --Jacks, GTs, and Queenfish. Aside from a less than ideal weather, we were having engine problems for the first half of the day as well. The main engine was choking and was impossible to start. We were crippled and was not able to chase after the fish. We had only a 15hp tiller for power.

Fortunately, after lunch, the engine all of a sudden decided to cooperate. Just in time when the Queenfish and Jacks started on their feeding frenzy. The water boiling because of the frenzy was an amazing sight. As soon as you approach it and cast once or twice, they quickly disappear and move on to another spot. It was a high speed game of watch and chase. On the boat, it was pure chaos. AS soon as the boat stops into the boils, lures were flying all over the place and tangles were unavoidable.

I think I lost all my jigs and a couple of bunnies. Most are taken by large toothy fishes. That's what I got for using using 24lb mono and not buying fluoro leaders in the 30 to 40lbs test.

The trip was relatively expensive but it was worth it. I caught and brought home two Jacks. C & R purists may throw a tantrum when they read about this but I am not apologetic.

1.88kgs each. These were caught using Abu Garcia 5601SSC3 mounted on a Lemax Platinum 8ft rod. I was using 10lb Fireline. The drag was flawless and the rod curve and casting ability was superb. IT was the first time that this combo caught something and I was very satisfied with its performance.

Our total haul. We agreed on 3 fish per specie bag limit. Me, Mikko, Dowie, and Rechelle. Captain Catch (Cholo) was the skipper, photographer, gaffer, and fishing guide.