Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daiwa Certate Custom 3500HD

Finally, a Daiwa Certate Custom 3500HD in my collection. This reel has been in my wish list for more than two (2) years already. I had to give up my Catalina to get this reel. It's light and solid. It has an aluminum body and rotor. All the bearings are CRBB. The Certate Custom HD has a machined handle like the ones sold by RCS. Primarily a jigging reel, the Certate was made to withstand heavy use and saltwater abuse.

 Having the same color scheme, it looks great with my Lemax Slimmax light jigging rod. Same color scheme as Millionaire Bay Casting Special 103L.

It is a bit bigger and heavier than my Stella 3000 (with Size 4000 spool). When tested side by side, the Stella is way smoother than the Certate, Perhaps because the Certate has been in storage for a long time and it has experienced its share of abuse. I think if I clean and flush the bearings, soak them in paint thinner, and flush all the crud and old grease using my Ultasonic cleaner, it's going to be as smooth as the Stella if not smoother,

I will use this reel for casting poppers,  jigs, and for madai-inchiku.