Saturday, October 4, 2014

Half Day Fishing Lesson at Irving's School of Fish

I begged my wife for a quick fishing trip today to ease the stress that I experienced this week. Damn that Shellshock GNU BASH vulnerability. What a pain.

Anyway, I had a blast last week at Irving Sih's School of Fish Pond so I decided to give it another shot. My plan was to be at the pond at around 7am so I left the house at 6am. Sadly, the Mindanao exit of NLEX was clogged so it took me an almost half an hour just to enter the expressway.

When I reached McArthur highway, I realized that I have not eaten breakfast. I went to McDo's drive through hoping to get a packed breakfast. Somehow, there were a lot of drivers with the same idea and the line was up to the parking lot. I backed out and went to another fast food restaurant for a quick breakfast. Long story short, the breakfast wasn't quick as it took me a good half hour to get my food.

I arrived at the pond at past 8:30am. An absolute bummer. I thought to myself that I have completely missed the morning bite. Tried all my favorite baits and had no luck. I switched to an old soft plastic and was able to land a couple.

After two fishes, the lure was mangled beyond repair. I checked my box and I only had one left and that one lure already had it share of battles. The lip is slipping out of the hook every time I cast. I quickly tied the lip using a strand of a spro frog's rubber legs. It held well and got three more barramundis. The last fish was over a kilo and it splits the lure's body wide open.

I casted the lure and checked the swimming action. It was still ok. I casted in between the holding nets and I had a solid take. It made a couple of jumps and the hook held. I tried to lift fish but the leader broke. I did not change my 17lb flouro leader even after it already landed 5 barras so it was probably nicked really bad. Oh well, 5 was more than ok for half a day's fishing.