Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer Time is Eging Time (Squid Fishing)

Summer in the Philippines has a somewhat negative effect in fishing from my experience. Predators that regularly patrol coastal areas seem to avoid the coast and stay in deeper waters. Perhaps to get out of the heat or probably they are extra wary because in most areas the water is clearer than usual during summer.
Because fishing seems to slow down during summer, the alternative is to chase after other readily available targets such as squids.
Squids are abundant in the country and has no special season. They are mostly caught by coastal fishermen using line and home made lures. They usually drag the lure from their boat while paddling slowly. In almost every area where squid fishing is practiced, fishermen go after them at night -- particularly when the moon is bright. They are not aware that they can just as easily be caught during day time --- but with a bit special gear and technique.
In a recent trip to the north, fishing for coastal predators was extremely slow. It's a good thing I also brought my eging outfit with a bunch of squid lures. I an hour or so, I managed to catch four good sized squids. One of them is more than half a kilo. I only managed to take pics of 2.