Monday, March 29, 2010

Lakeshore Field EB [3-28-2010]

As a continuation of the last Field EB at Coloong and to welcome our friends from overseas, we went to Lakeshore for some Toman action. We started really early at around 5am and caught some nice sized fishes. All in all, the trip was excellent.

Gil caught a nice sized Haruan. Kenny, who is a first timer in Toman fishing and snakehead fishing, got a 2.5 kg Toman after his third cast!JB caught another nice sized Toman so as Erwin. 

I got around six strikes from biggies and one from a possible Momma toman. The wake it left was huge. The fish did not connect when it chomped the lure. Instead, its head bumped the lure which it sent flying to a good distance from the strike zone.

Anyway, I managed to catch one (28 inches 3.81kg) but at the cost of a brand new lure. The Toman's tooth punched a hole into the lure and flooded the lure body. It also broke one of the hook points and straightened the other point on one of the trebles. It's a good thing the last remaining hook point held. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Aling Nene's Pond [3-13-2010]

Forumers from had a get-together at Aling Nene's pond last Saturday. WE called it a "Field EB". We were not expecting that many people will arrive like the previous meet-ups that we had. Surprisingly, sixteen (16) attended. I guess, meet ups without too much planning really works.

Noel, Irvine, Carlo, RC, Miko, and Obet during lunch. Our lunch was our catch in the morning --- 2.7kg of Tilapia and Bangus. Grilled and served with Pinakurat on Banana Leaves. Excellent field lunch.

Irvine, Erwin, Cary, Carlo, Jun, Bien, Obet, me, and Noel. Not in the picture is Joseph, Jojo, Dowie, and Rechelle.

Special thanks to Aling Nene's hospitality. Obet, your breakfast was excellent!

The Catch? Bangus and tilapia. Total of 2.7 kg (by lunch time). That was our lunch --- Grilled and served with Pinakurat. At around 5pm, we hauled almost 10kg of fish if my estimate is correct.

Oh yeah, I caught my first Jaguar Cichlid using the same swimbait that I used to catch the dalag last weekend. I released it after a few photos.

We tried our luck on the famed Barras of Aling Nene's pond but we got none. I guess that most of them escaped into the rivers and the rest died during the Ondoy flood. The polluted waters from Manila made its way into the Coloong ponds during the height of the floods.

We will need to wait for the 3,000 fingerlings to grow before we can target them again. Maybe next year.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lakeshore and Coloong [3-7-2010]

Went to Lakeshore with my cousin this morning. I was hoping to test my new 2nd hand toys :D.

After 15 minutes of casting, I got one. It was a pretty strong fish and it's fast runs tested the rod and reel.

An hour passed and I caught another but never had the chance to take a picture. It's the same size as the first one. When I was trying to lip grip it, the damn fish won't open its mouth. I had to hold the leader to lift its head. I was hoping that when I give it a short pull, the fish will open its mouth so I can lip grip it. Unfortunately, when I lifted its head, the fish rolled and the hooked pulled out. Oh well, it's meant to be released anyway.

Lesson learned! I have lost a lot of fish because of the lip grip. I think it's about time I get a decent net.

By 8:30am, there's no more fish activity. It was probably too hot for the fish.

After a quick rest, we drove to Coloong to get some bangus and tilapia. We went straight to Aling Nene's. IT was full of people. Apparently, this morning was also the re-opening of the pond. Aling Nene gave everyone a complimentary fishing shirt.  :clap:

My original target was bangus but the water looks really full of dalag. So, rigged a soft plastic and casted on the pond's edges. I got rewarded with nice fat dalag which can easily reach 2kg.

So I took a couple of pics and was not satisfied with the shots. I tried to fix the "arrangement" of the fish, lure, and rod/reel to get a better picture. I grabbed the lure to to adjust the fish --- and then the fish jumped! And jumped once more until it reached the water. Dang! it got away and I wasn't able to get the exact weight. Anyway, at least I got a couple of pics.