Monday, June 30, 2014

Storing a 13ft Ocean Kayak Prowler

Before I bought the kayak, my wife had been nagging me about the issue on storage -- where will I store the kayak given our limited space. The kayak is 13.4 feet. My old kayak was only 11.
Initially, I was thinking of hanging it on the wall by it's sides -- using a couple of pulleys. I had to abandon the idea because of the the effort it takes to rig a pulley system and the effort in hanging and bringing it down.
Another idea was hanging it using a wall hanger/rack. I also abandoned the idea when I got a quote from a steel fabricator -- I was quoted P1000 each for bare unpainted racks -- I would need at least two -- then I have to buy the rigging, primer and paint, etc.
After a few days of research, I found out that the best way to store a kayak is standing up. And here's the result. Total cost -- P150 for 2 pairs of buckles and 4 pcs of stoppers. I have an old belt from a broken ratchet -- I think this came from a nearby Ukay.
I think my wife was pleased with the result.

Parked the kayak standing up near the stairs. The vertical clearance to the ceiling was perfect.

I strapped it in the middle using an old ratchet belt. I bought a pair of plastic snap buckles to secure it.

Bolted the straps into the wall using tox and washer+screws.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Long Overdue Kayak Upgrade

I love my Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11. It served me well and I really enjoyed fishing with it. But the time has come to venture out to open water. Although I can fish the Scrambler in the ocean, it takes a bit of effort  when the water is not calm.

So I sold it with all the accessories and got my self a new kayak-- An Ocean Kayak Prowler 13.

To make it a more able fishing machine for open water, I also bought a Garmin Echo 500c Fishfinder. I have not tried fishing with it. I still don't have a decent paddle. I am eyeing a 220cm paddle with a slim Carbon shaft. Aside from that, I still need to make a few paddle and rod leashes and an anchor trolley.

My goal is to use this kayak for madai, inchiku, and light jigs.I hope the fishfinder can help me with this.
It already has a couple flush mount rod holder.
The fish finder is ready but I have not installed it yet. I got me a 12v 7.2Ah SLA battery. Still need to glue the transducer into the scupper for transducers - a nice feature of this kayak model.
The bow storage is huge. I can fit camping gear inside.